Medalist Gun Stocks
(Integral Aluminum Bedding System)




Top view of integrated aluminum bedding block

Vertical Grip Tactical Style

Available Models:

#2092 Remington 700  BDL, Heavy Barrel, Short Action

#2999 Savage Model 10, Heavy Barrel, with or without Accu-Trigger, Short Action Only (Model 10,11,12,16,ect...)



Mauser Varmint Style

Available Models:

#2948 Mauser 98 Varmint/Tactical

            Varmint/Tactical style, with wide beavertail for-end, fits #2 barrel but can

            be opened up to fit larger barrels. NO CHECKERING OR CHEEK PIECE.


Remington Varmint Style

Available Models:
#2958 Remington 700 BDL, Short Action Varmint

Winchester Varmint Style

Available Models:

#2972  Winchester Mod 70 Varmint/Tactical, Short Action



Standard Medalist Style

Available Models:
#2960 Remington Long Action
#2961 Remington Short Action
#2193 Mauser 98
#2194 Mauser 96
#2971 Winchester Model 70 Short Action (Fits WSM models with some barrel inletting) 
#2131 Browning A-Bolt Long Action

Browning Sporter Style (WITHOUT CHECKERING)

#7779-___Browning A-Bolt, Short Action

Sporter style with full-length aluminum bedding system and

Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Fits current model short action

with standard contour barrel. Also fits WSM caliber.

(Does not have checkering)


#7777-___Browning A-Bolt, Short Action

Same stock as 7779-, except has advanced aluminum lug/pillar

system instead of full-length aluminum block.

(Does not have checkering)


Weatherby Style




#2963 Remington 700, BLD, #2 Sporter Barrel, Long Action

#6498 Weatherby MKV #3 Contour Barrel Right Handed, **
#6556 Weatherby MKV #1 Standard and #2 Modified Accumark Left Handed*, **
#6962 Weatherby MKV #3 Contour Barrel Left Handed**
#6963 Weatherby MKV #1 Standard and #2 Modified Accumark Right Handed*, **
#6501 Weatherby Vanguard L/A(two locking lug)
#6505 Weatherby Vanguard S/A(two locking lug)

Weatherby Varmint Style



#6554 Weatherby MKV Right Handed #3 and #4 barrel contours only**
#6550 Weatherby Vanguard Short Action varmint barrel contour

#6550 Howa 1500, Mossberg 1500, S&W 1500, Heavy Barrel, Short Action 


6655-___ Weatherby Vanguard/Howa 1500 Varmint/Tactical

Weatherby style, fits current model short action HEAVY BARREL.

Has "FLUTES" in forearm and dual front studs.


*This stock can be opened up to fit #2 Standard Barrel
**Available in Weatherby Mark V actions with 9 locking lugs on the bolt only

Remington Tactical Style








2094-___ Remington 700 BDL

Varmint/Tactical, Short Action

Fits heavy barrel models with hinged floorplate (such as 700P, VS,

VLS, Sendero, etc.) .17 to .308 calibers. Comes with adjustable cheekpiece

for proper cheek/eye placement to scope. Also has 3-way

adjustable butt assembly that adjusts for length of pull, cant

(left/right) and height (up/down). The forend is tapered for minute

elevation adjustments and comes with integral aluminum forearm

rail for attachments.



Winchester Varmint/Tactical Style

7200-___ Winchester Mod 70 Varmint/Tactical, Short Action

Fits current model with hinged floorplate and heavy barrel. Has

checkering on pistol grip only, "flutes" in forearm and dual front studs.